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supplier version of brand guidelines

Our identity is the visual means by which we distinguish our products and services from our competitors. Therefore it is imperative to portray it consistently in all our communications and other important touch points we have with our customers.

The Supplier Brand Guidelines describe our basic visual and verbal identity tools and gives some guidelines on how to use them. Your cooperation is essential in presenting a clear, consistent message about Vapormatic to the global marketplace. All of the trademarks illustrated in this publication are the property of Vapormatic UK Ltd.

The logos are available to download as small, medium and large; small for use on websites, medium for use on PowerPoint presentations and Word documents and large for use on Publisher documents and other professional printed jobs.

Larger versions are available in Adobe Illustrator format for use on external signage and can be requested through the Marketing Department at Vapormatic UK Ltd.

Within each set is 3 versions of the required logo:

  • 72 dpi (suitable for web)
  • 150 dpi (suitable for better quality projects)
  • 300 dpi (suitable for printing)

Click the 'Download Set' button of the required logo below to download that Vapormatic logo to your computer

You must tick to confirm you have read the brand guidelines before downloading

Vapormatic logo Colour Horizontal

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Vapormatic Logo Mono Horizontal

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Vapormatic Logo Colour Vertical

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Vapormatic Logo Mono Vertical

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Vapormatic UK, Vapormatic France, Vapormatic Spain, Vapormatic Ireland, Vapormatic Mexico and Vapormatic New Zealand, are wholly owned subsidiaries of The Vapormatic Co. Ltd.,
Registered in England and Wales No. 538655. Registered Office: Kestrel Way, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, Devon, England. EX2 7LA
Original equipment manufacturers names and parts numbers are quoted for reference purposes only
and are not intended to suggest that our replacement parts are made by the original equipment manufacturer.