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Schumacher Battery Chargers and Maintenance

The Schumacher battery charger range is at the forefront of tractor battery charging technology. Historically battery chargers use a fixed rate of charge, however new microprocessor technology means Schumacher chargers can in effect "talk to the battery" to monitor status and determine the rate of charge required. Schumacher battery chargers are suitable for charging all types of lead acid batteries, standard, calcium, AGM start-stop and gel-cell.

VLC1033 – 3 pin - Battery maintenance charger - 2A
Moulded plastic case / Multi stage charging cycle / Easy to read LED monitor / 12V-accessory plug for in-car charging or charging portable power jump starters (Charges them faster than provided charger) / 50A clamps for top and side post batteries / Reverse polarity protection / Quick connect eyelet cable and standard battery clamp cable included... click here for more information. Also see VLC1029 – 2 pin.

VLC1034 – 3 pin Battery charger/maintenance charger - 10A
Automatic 6&12V detection / 2A, 6A & 10A charging speeds / Easy to read LED display / Reverse polarity protection / Float mode monitoring / Suitable for cars, light commercial and small agricultural machines 5 – 120Ah... click here for more information. Also see VLC1032 – 2 pin

VLC1035 – 3 pin Starter / charger - 90A
Fully automatic charger with maintenance and boost start facility / Automatic 6 and 12 Volt detection / 3A, 5A & 20A charging speeds / 150A boost start facility / Multi stage charging cycle / Digital and LED display / Reverse polarity protection / Suitable for batteries, 5 – 230Ah... click here for more information. Also see VLC1030 – 2 pin.

VLC1036 – 3 pin Wheeled start charger - 350A
Switchable microprocessor / manual charge facility / Over sized heavy duty selector switches & rotary switch allow selection between 350 Amp engine start, 70 amp rapid charge, 40 & 20 amp fast charge & 4 amp slow charge / 2 ¼ hour timer with off and hold positions for controlled or continuous recharging / Large face, clear-view amp and volt meters with easy to read graduated scales / Tubular chrome-plated handle with rubber grip and unique non conductive clamp rest / 600A heavy duty, chrome plated steel ultra grip clamps... click here for more information. Also see VLC1031 – 2 pin

Battery Testers

In addition to the new range of Schumacher chargers, Vapormatic has introduced a range of battery testing products. Whether it's for DIY or professional use one of these battery testers will quickly diagnose problems with battery and charging circuits, save time and expense.

VLC5072 - Battery discharge tester 12V
Easy to read meter - accurate and shock resistant / Test: Load, Battery Condition, Starter Motor, Draw and complete charging system diagnosis / 50 amp load test for 6V batteries and 100 amp load test for 12V batteries - up to 1000 CCA / Top mounted rocker switch - for easy operation / Super grip battery clamps heavy-duty and colour-coded / Baked enamel steel case - ventilated to keep cool / Rubber insulated carrying handle - for comfort and safety... click here for more information.

VLC5073 - Digital Battery tester 12V
Microprocessor controlled / 5 step test process – Pass, Pass & Recharge, Recharge & Retest, Fail, Bad Cell and "Check Clamp" / Ability to check battery and charging system / Super grip battery clamps - heavy-duty and colour coded / Bright digital display / Protective boot... click here for more information.

Booster Packs

Vapormatic are now stocking a new range of 12v/24v booster packs specially formulated for jump starting vehicles. New charging and battery maintaining technology allows these packs to be consistently reliable while providing maximum performance.

VLC5076 - 3 pin - Booster pack 12V
1900 peak starting amps / Ideal for use with small/medium sized tractors, light commercial vehicles with 12V DC/6 cells (22Ah dependable) / Sealed AGM professional grade internal battery allowing pack to be stored in any position / 700 MA external charger for charging the internal battery / Multi functional easy to read LED light display / Easily portable with heavy duty case and carrying handle / 12V DC power outlet - provides DC power for lights and accessories / Heavy Duty ultra flexible cables... click here for more information. Also see VLC5075 - 2 pin.

VLC5071 – 3 pin Booster pack 12-24V
Fitted with AGM Enersys/Hawker batteries, heavy duty cables and clamps, this booster pack is designed for the professional user. AGM Enersys/Hawker batteries typically outlast standard AGM batteries by up to three times due to their unique construction. This makes the product a reliable portable power solution... click here for more information. Also see VLC5074 – 2 pin

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