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Reversing Cameras – The Features, the Benefits

Reversing camera systems have been around for many years and their popularity has grown rapidly, but what is about them that has made them such a must have in the agricultural and industrial sector?


Reversing cameras not only provide an integral part of your vehicle safety management, but can also significantly enhance the convenience and efficiency of machine operation.

People do not always think about their visibility around tractors and plant vehicles and can often walk into a driver's blind spot. However, by fitting a reversing camera to a vehicle, this problem is reduced. Many farmers have also realised that reversing cameras have more than one use to them within the field and once attached to a combine or spraying boom they can help to increase working efficiency.

What to look for when buying one...

Vapormatic Reversing CameraThe camera - One of the most important things to look for when assessing the quality of the camera is its IP (Ingress Protection) rating. Cameras are generally fitted in places that are exposed to the elements including rain, dust and vibration, therefore it is advisable to ensue your camera has an IP rating of 67 or above. Any less and cameras can be susceptible to moisture ingress and fogging.

Other aspects to look for in a camera are:

  • Infra-red LED's to enable the camera to present a clear image in very low light.
  • The number of pixels the camera has, generally speaking, the greater the number of pixels the clearer the image.
  • Does the camera have a microphone to provide an audio function
  • Shielding from the sun; make sure the camera has a 'visor' to help prevent glare from sunshine.
  • All cameras should be approved to the 2003/97/EC standard

Standard_Screen2The Monitor - Monitors can vary a lot, however, the key features to assess are as follows:

  • Screen size - typically 5" or 7" size screens are available.
  • Number of camera's that can be installed to the monitor;  if you want to have more than just the rear for reversing, such as monitoring equipment performance or inside of a trailer, you will need your monitor to be able to take more than one camera.
  • Auto-trigger signals; the better quality monitors have the facility to set up 'auto-trigger signals' such as automatically displaying the reversing camera view when the vehicle is put into reverse gear.
  • Split screen viewing; some monitors have the facility to split the screen to enable the driver to view all camera displays at once.
  • Other factors to consider include, the menu functions such as, Multi-language and on-screen display, whether you need audio, does the screen have anti-glare, can you switch the image from normal viewing to a mirror view to simulate a rear view mirror, is it remote controlled, is there an AV connection, amongst others.

The Fittings - In most cases the equipment is used in a vigorous working environment and it is not just the camera or monitor that need to be robust, it is important that all of the cables and connectors are suitably protected. Check that these fittings have moulded or sealed connections to prevent moisture or dust ingress or simply damage which could cause a circuit break and malfunction.

The Warranty - Make sure your product has a warranty.

Finally, even if you purchase the best quality kit you may either want to add to the system or require a replacement part in the future and therefore it is always advisable to ensure that you can source these parts at a later date.

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