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Vapormatic Winter Cooling

With winter only just around the corner we take a look at a few cooling related products and tools.

With winter only just around the corner we take a look at a few cooling related products and tools.


Vapormatic AntifreezeOur Universal Antifreeze provides year round protection to cooling systems of cast iron and alloy engines.

Universal Antifreeze is manufactured from pure monoethylene glycol, anti corrosion additives and inhibitors. It has been specially formulated to be truly universal in its application. It provides a high degree of corrosion protection for all engine cooling systems whether they are predominantly of aluminium or ferrous construction.


  • Meets or exceeds BS 6580/92 specification
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Protects against overheating
  • Protects against freezing
  • All year round usage
  • Suitable as a summer coolant

Available in a range of sizes:

5ltr - Part No. VLL6001

25ltr - Part No. VLL6003

205ltr - Part No. VLL6005

Tip: The most effective concentration of antifreeze to water is typically around 7:3, giving a freezing temperature of
-51oc. However, in the UK a ratio of 1:1, giving a freezing point of -34oc would be more than sufficient.

Antifreeze tester

For measuring freezing temperatures of your antifreeze mix. Methanol temperature range -12°C to -40°C. Ethylene Glycol temperature range -12°C to -34°C. Part number VLA1188

Vapormatic Antifreeze Tester VLA1188

Radiator Flush

Rapidly dissolves scales and other deposits in the radiator. Improves engine cooling by better circulation. Part number VLB4229

Vapormatic Radiator Flush VLB4229

Radiator Sealer

A fast working metallic powder that seals holes that liquid repair kits cannot. Consists of sealing agents mixed with a copper base. Part number VLB4065

Vapormatic Radiator Sealer VLB4065

Hoses and clips

A small leak can turn into an expensive repair very quickly. Have your radiator pipes perished with age? Have hose clips become corroded? Vapormatic has an extensive range on offer to help you with any preventative or reactive maintenance you wish to make.

Also available is a huge selection of radiators and water pumps for all tractor makes, just use our tractor search to find the right parts for your machine.


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