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Vapormatic Top Tip - Batteries

Batteries can be the most elusive and neglected component of the tractor and the hardest to get to when it is dead and in need of a jump. Don’t let it come to this, some quick regular checks can prevent that that flat feeling. See our top tips on keeping your battery alive…

Top Tips in keeping your battery aliveBatteries

Batteries can be the most elusive and neglected component of the tractor. Access isn't always great and they always seem to fail at the most inconvenient time. Prevention is better than cure, so here's a few quick regular checks that can help prevent that flat feeling.

Top Tip: Battery security. Check the hold down straps and the earth strap to make sure your battery is safe and secure. Unwanted movement could cause damage to the casing or worst case a 'dead short' with the vehicle chassis or the battery clamp it's self, resulting in a fire risk.  

Top Tip: Keep your terminals clean. Battery terminals should be kept clean and tight. Occasionally a white / blue powdery substance builds up on the terminals. This lead oxidation stops the current from flowing efficiently and creates excessive heat at the connection. Carefully remove them and inspect the mating ends for corrosion, pits or cracks and remove any deposits up with a wire brush (use VLA1092). Terminal ends that are pitted, cracked, or missing due to acid corrosion, should be replaced.  After cleaning or replacement of terminal and cleaning of battery post, refit, tighten and smear a thin coating of grease or petroleum jelly to the top of the terminal to prevent further corrosion build up.  

Top Tip: Keep an eye on the battery cables. Corroded cables can increase resistance within a circuit thus starving the starter of power and causing excessive heat build up.  If there is considerable corrosion on the cables this can be removed by submersing the end in a can of water and baking soda solution for a while. Remove, dry and then wire brush the mating parts. Terminal ends that are pitted, cracked, or missing due to acid corrosion, should be replaced.

Top Tip: Check battery condition. Remove the cell filler plugs and check the electrolyte levels are within limits. Use a hydrometer (VLC1148) to test the specific gravity and ascertain individual cell condition. Carry out a load test (cranking voltage) with the battery installed in the vehicle. Attach a voltmeter (VLA1108) to the battery terminals. Prevent the engine from firing, disconnect the stop solenoid or pull out the stop cable and crank the motor over for 15 seconds while observing the voltmeter reading. If the battery voltage stays above 9.6 volts, then the battery has sufficient capacity, below that figure gives an indication of battery cell deterioration and reduced performance.

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