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Vapormatic Paint - the results speak for themselves

Don’t just take our word for it, our paints have been tested against the best and come out on top. Take a look at the numbers here…

Vapormatic Paint TinsQuality shows for itself

Vapormatic paint is well known for it's high quality shine and the precision match to the original specification. Not just in the real world, even against scrutiny in the lab Vapormatic paint come up tops.

As the example below shows, our paint matches or outperforms our competitors in almost all areas.

John Deere Green

What does this mean?


Competitor #1

Competitor #2

Competitor #3

Colour difference dE value The difference in colour between the OE and the alternative. For example, 0.30 is not visible to the human eye 0.30 a 1.61 1.10 0.80

Opacity @ 90µm

Opacity @ 210µm

How well the paint covers the object it paints onto. 100% means no colour show through from the surface below


100.0% a







Solid content %w What remains after the solvent evaporates, by % of weight 54% 55% 57% 52%
Gloss @ 60° angle How much light the paint reflects 91.7 a 86.9 91.2 91.6
Health and Safety labelling Legislative requirement for when products contain harmful levels of certain substances None required a


Dangerous for the environment


Dangerous for the environment

Dangerous for the environment

Fineness of grind Measure of the size of the largest particles in the paint. The smaller the number, the better the finish 15µm a 30µm 30µm 20µm
Drying time Drying time 2½ hours a 5 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Sag Index How thick the paint can be applied before it starts to run (or sag) 200µm a 150µm 200µm 175µm

Vapormatic paint is not classified as being harmful to you or the environment, and with more than 110 machine colours plus thinners and primers, we are a one stop shop for all you paint requirements.

Vapormatic paint represents excellent value for money, whether you're a discerning tractor restorer or performing simple maintenance tasks. See our complete range here or visit your nearest Vapormatic Stockist for a FREE paint chart.

The choice of industry professionals and experts:

"I would not use any other paint" - Chris Jaworski - Lecturer (Bicton College) and contributor to Tractor and Machinery Magazine.

"The reason I use Vapormatic paint is because I can achieve an excellent finish and it is relatively inexpensive to use. It is also environmentally and user friendly" - Alan Davies - Winsford Body Shop, Cheshire.



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