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TEXA diagnostics provide the ultimate All Makes solution

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With new technology comes more sophistication, and with tractors becoming ever more reliant on electronics and computers to manage key functions , so it has become more important that even the smallest of independent engineers have the right tools for the right job.

Unlike the automotive sector, without an industry standard for software or connections, each manufacturer has developed their own method of communicating to their own vehicles. Another drawback to this technology is a dealer that wants to work on other manufactures equipment can only work on their franchised models. Texa is the only product currently available which truly gives an all makes solution.

Vapormatic has partnered with TEXA to bring you this complete ‘All Makes’ solution.

Using the innovative NAVIGATOR TXT and the new IDC4 Agri dedicated software, every workshop is now able to access different vehicle manufacturer’s electronic systems to carry out diagnostic checks. This single device will enable engineers to test electronic systems on tractors and combine harvesters from a host of manufacturers.

At the touch of a button you can access the following tractor systems (depending on model):

  • Engine management
  • Transmission
  • Suspended front axle
  • Electronic rear suspension
  • Electronic front suspension
  • Front PTO
  • Rear PTO
  • Body computer
  • Air conditioning

Reading and deleting of error codes, calibration of transmission, suspended axles and hydraulic systems is possible on selected models.

IDC4 incorporates a powerful customer management system, where error codes, repairs and even live data can be stored against customer information.

The system is even wireless, allowing you to communicate without a direct connection from computer to diagnostic unit, for even greater flexibility.

Also now available, the new UNIProbe combines 6 diagnostic tools into a single instrument:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Multimeter
  • TNET
  • Battery probe
  • Signal generator
  • Pressure tester

To find out more about the products, software and accessories, download our brochure here.

Texa diagnostic kit part no. VLC5901

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