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Before you take delivery of your new £70,000 Tractor, Telehandler, Combine or Forager, take a moment to consider how best to secure it.

Focus on Farm Security

Before you take delivery of your new £70,000 Tractor, Telehandler, Combine or Forager, take a moment to consider how best to secure it. According to the recent NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report 2017, in 2016 rural crime cost the UK £39.2m, with farm and machinery theft making up £5.4m of the total. Whilst figures fell by 4.3% in 2016 from 2015, figures for early 2017 suggest that this figure could be on the rise again.

The recently published NFU Mutual Crime Report 2017, has uncovered some emerging trends*:

·       “Being watched or ‘staked out’ is the biggest concern for people living in the countryside

·       Ongoing livestock theft is raising concerns that stock is being stolen for slaughter and processing outside regulated abattoirs before illegally entering the food chain

·       Thieves are cloning the identities of large, expensive tractors to make them easier to sell and harder to detect

·       Small and older tractors are being targeted by organised gangs for export to developing countries

·       Since Land Rover ended production of its Defender, the iconic farm vehicle has become an even bigger target for thieves”

*Source: NFU Mutual Rural Crime Report 2017 https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/news-and-stories/rural-crime-report-2017/

Predictably, tractors, are in the top ten items targeted by thieves nationally, with some areas of the UK being worse hit than others. There are a number of ‘common sense’ security measures that we can all put in place such as securing buildings, locking away machinery and tagging property, but if the thief can’t start it, they can’t take it.

Tractors, telehandlers, plant and farm machinery can all be fitted with immobilisers – the Vapormatic immobiliser protects the vehicle by passively disabling two electrical circuits vital to its starting, movement or operation.

· Vapormatic Immobiliser passively arms itself after 4 minutes from the ignition being switched off, regardless of whether the keys are left in the ignition or not.

· Easy to fit by a qualified engineer

· Register online for two year warranty: https://www.vapormatic.co.uk/support/immobiliser-warranty-form.ashx

· Safety - limits unauthorised persons from moving the vehicle, day or night

Click here to download the immobiliser brochure

As well as the latest immobiliser technology, Vapormatic also provide top observation systems. Whilst these high quality systems are typically used to assist drivers with the positioning and monitoring of equipment, the applications for farm security are obvious. With multi-screen, wireless and recordable kits complete with infrared technology, the extensive range means there is an observation system for all cases.

Cab Cam Range ExtensionClick here to download the Cab Cam brochure

Don’t give the thieves an easy ride and make farm security your priority today.


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