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Multi-meters - An Essential Workshop Tool

A multi-meter is so called because it is used to display a range of electrical measurements including volts, current and resistance. There are many different forms of multi-meter available to the consumer, but it is the digital meters that have gained popularity as they have become more accurate and better value for money over the years.

vla1108With today's technology demanding the need for accurate electrical fault diagnosis, a digital multimeter is an essential component in an engineer's tool kit. Providing the professional and keen enthusiast with invaluable assistance when testing circuits and component parts, Vapormatic's own digital multi-meter (VLA1108) is simple to use and capable of performig the following functions:

DC voltage measurement (up to 1000V): Used when diagnosing faults with a vehicle battery, starter motor circuits, charging, lighting and auxillary circuits.

AC voltage measurement (up to 750V): For testing domestic circuits and generator output voltage.

DC Current (up to 10A): Testing vehicle charging circuits, components and parasitic loads (drain on battery when vehicle is not used).

AC current (up to 10A): Used when diagnosing AC generator faults and testing small domestic appliances.

Resistance (Ω): For testing the resistance within vehicle components and relates wiring.

Audible Continuity Test: A valuable aid for testing the condition of cable and components (a buzzer sounds if continuity exists or resistance is less than 50 Ohms).

Other functions include: Capacitance, Frequency, Diode and Transistor testing.

STOP! Before you start to use your digital multi-meter, it is important to follow some basic safety advice:

  • Read the user manual before use.
  • Always follow basic electrical procedure.
  • Wear protective gloves when working with oils and batteries.
  • Beware of sulphuric acid and no naked flames when working with lead acid batteries.
  • If unsure, consult a competent engineer.
  • Be sure that the test leads and rotary switch are in the correct position for the desired function.
  • Never use the meter or the test leads if they are damaged.
  • To avoid damage or injury, never use a multi-meter outside of its parameters.
  • Never apply more than the rated voltage between any input jack and the earth ground.
  • Make sure fingers are kept clear of non-insulated contacts when testing.
  • Before rotating the range selector to change the functions, disconnect the test leads from the circuit

For more information on the Vapormatic digital multi-meter (VLA1108), click here.

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