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A clean tractor is a safe tractor...

As the harvesting season gradually comes to an end and the dirty jobs start to take over, now is the time to think about buying all of your cleaning products in.


Whether it's fitting mud guards, ensuring that you have screen wash and vehicle cleaner on hand, it helps to be prepared for wet weather. Your vehicles should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent metal corrosion and spreading possible contamination. Residual mud and slurry can also cause hazards for road users and it's important to ensure that your farm vehicles are clean before you go out on to the road.

Cleaning your vehicles doesn't have to be a chore, many Vapormatic cleaning products work through the dirt incredibly efficiently. The range includes the powerful vehicle cleaner (VLB4057) which is non-caustic and will cut through mud, clay and traffic film without causing any damage to rubber seals, paintwork and metal. 

There is also our excellent glass cleaning product (VLB4706) which has been specifically designed to remove all traces of oil and grease from mirrors and windscreens. In addition, our premium screen wash (VLB4095) aids in the cleaning of windscreens and prevents freezing of washer bottles in severe winter weather. It also doubles up as a de-icer when used neat, which can help you to save money and get ahead for winter! 



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