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We stock and sell a large number of replacement tractor parts for a huge number of Claas models from Celtis to Ares, Arion, Axion, Nectis, Axos + Dominator, Maxi, Mega series, Medion, Tucano Lexion and Ergos series with numerous service, engine and electrical component parts available to order. There are also hundreds of other parts available for Claas, including Clutch & Flywheel parts, Crop Processing parts and Transmission Drive. Click the link above to view all replacement tractor parts for Claas. Click MAKE/MODEL to refine your search above in the navigation bar.

The Claas brand was founded in 1913 in Germany by August Claas, almost a century later the Renault brand was purchased in 2004 extending their range of machinery. Claas now produce a range of agricultural machinery including tractors varying from 54-500hp.

Vapormatic stock a range of replacement parts for Claas tractors and Renault tractors, including engine components, electrical components, clutch and flywheel parts, brakes, hydraulics and linkages. Combine harvester and forage harvester parts are also available for engines, threshing equipment, straw chopping, grain elevation, transmission, electronics and servicing. Click the following links for a full list of replacement parts for Claas tractors, Combine harvester and replacement parts for Claas tractors, forage harvesters.

Claas tractor and agricultural parts

VPD5008 - Oil filter
VPD6000 - Fuel filter
VPD5121 - Oil filter
VPD5015 - Oil filter
VPE1111 - Water pump
VPE1116 - Water pump
VPD6028 - Fuel filter
VPG5010 - Pilot bearing
VPD6014 - Fuel filter
VPD6012 - Fuel filter
VPD7107 - Air filter
VPD5181 - Oil filter
VPD5004 - Spin on filter (x12)
VLC3227 - Universal wiper blade
VPJ4518 - Power steering filter
VPE3401 - Thermostat
VPJ3155 - Axial ball joint
VPD6137 - Fuel filter
VPJ3174 - Axial ball joint
VPD5109 - Oil filter

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