New CEJN WEO hydraulic hose inserts and accessories

Vapormatic is pleased to announce the addition of CEJN WEO Plug-In hydraulic hose fittings and associated accessories to its hydraulic fittings portfolio.

CEJN WEO fittings have multiple applications. In agriculture these fittings are commonly used on Quicke/Massey Ferguson type front loaders but other applications include forestry and forklifts. WEO couplings are:

  • Ideal when space is limited.
  • Click to connect by hand. No tools required which often cannot easily be used.
  • Able to eliminate untightening, oil leaks and follow up tightening.

The crimp inserts have been tested and approved for use with Vapormatic R2AT, 2SC and 2SC+ hoses and Vapormatic ferrules at our published swage diameters.

Hydraulic hose inserts and accessories

1. Assembly stop 2. Release ring 3. Hose insert/fitting to swage (Ferrule not included) 4. Seal Kit

Hydraulic hose inserts and accessories

Click here to download the FULL PDF - Bulletin 1409

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