The Vapormatic VLC5501 Electronic Immobiliser has been recognized by industry leading auto security organisation- Thatcham Research

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The low level of integral security on many of todays tractors and agricultural machinery is the main reason for their vulnerability to theifs and why they are easy to steal. A key flaw in these machines is the widespread use of a universal key and in an industry where vehicles have multiple drivers who commonly leave the keys in the ignition for convenience, it is not surprising that vehicle theft is still a growing problem on UK farms.

Vapormatic believes that Personal Identification Number (PIN) hold the key for an industry solution with its exclusive designed VLC5501 Electronic Immobiliser. Vapormatic has secured the first industry production the new Thatcham Security Certification for an electronic immobilizer system, category 2, for the agricultural market. With micro-engineered components and a unique, compact designed keypad, installation of the VLC5501 Electronic Immobiliser is a discreet addition and an integral part to the cabs of all modern tractors, telehandlers, combine & forage harvesters as well as other self-propelled farm machinery.



Thatcham Security Certification is a robust verification programme for the assessment and recognition of automotive security products. The certification concentrates on verifying functionality, design and performance of the product. Each product is rigorously tested to predefined criteria established by Thatcham. In turn, the insurance industry looks at these products , allowing discounts to customers fitting such products by lowering the risk of theft and increasing health and safety interests by limiting access to the vehicle, via each unique user key code.

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